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Almost every time I order at a restaurant, I order the same thing I’ve ordered in the past. I don’t even look at the menu options – I know what I like and what I’m hungry for, and I order my old standby.

But that’s not a good habit to get into. Once in a while, I make myself scan the list of other options to see what I could be missing out on, and sometimes I try something new.

The same concept is true in our industry, too. Many of our clients use other CRMs, and we fill in the gaps with lead generation, email automation or fulfillment. Those services are what they know us for and what they’re used to receiving, but they may not know about the rest of our features. They’re happy their sales processes seem to be working, and it’s easy to be comfortable when you’re maintaining the status quo.

Plus, you don’t know what changes can help your business grow if you don’t know your options, right?

In 2015, we realized that we weren’t doing a great job of letting clients know about our scope of services. We’d gotten too comfortable with our website – it wasn’t updated with our latest product developments. It wasn’t easy for people to find and understand our services.

A few potential clients who visited our website weren’t exactly blown away. They all told us some version of this: “Yeah, we saw your website. What exactly is it that you do?”

We knew we could do better– we’re a one-stop shop for a wide range of products and services. We needed to do a better job of describing who we are.

We are redesigning our website with fresh eyes to really explain our services with product descriptions and examples of the benefits we provide our clients. We are unique in that SmartLead takes responsibility for the entire lead lifecycle, from generation to opportunity to sales and beyond. Our website needs to do a better job of reflecting that.

Like your favorite restaurant expands its menu with new dishes, we’re constantly coming up with new features and programs that can benefit new and current clients. By making these updates – and doing a better job of sharing them – we can make sure no lead is left behind and help your business grow.

If you see something interesting on our website, consider getting out of the comfort zone of your lead management system. Talk with us about how we can support your needs, including setting up a new multi-channel marketing program – you may even find your new favorite feature!