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There’s nothing like technical difficulties on a Friday at 4:00pm. It’s a wonderful start to the weekend, right?

Of course not, especially when your only option is to fill out a customer support web form on a CRM support site and wait for a response. Who knows when it will be fixed?

You want to talk to an actual person. If you can’t immediately reach out to a living, breathing person when you need help, time is lost, leads are left behind, and your sales team ends up frustrated.

That’s one of the biggest pain points we hear from potential clients. They want the benefits of CRM, including the ability to manage their sales channel digitally, but they also want personal attention to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Even planned changes can become a hassle. With many CRMs, you may have to hire an in-house or third party administrator and play the waiting game to make simple updates. The nice thing about agile teams like ours is you have a direct line to an expert account manager who will take ownership of your projects and changes.

Additionally, we will learn your business and can offer strategic advice about the changes you want to make. Since we work closely with clients from a variety of industries, we can offer insights into best practices or ways to adapt updates to achieve your goals. We are very appreciated for our business consulting.

Our relationship with our clients is also important to us. We strive to act as an extension of your business processes. For instance, we schedule weekly calls to provide updates and review results. We also schedule on-site visits at least once a year for an insightful annual review.

The human element also can make the professional relationship more fun. We learn to know you and we create a relaxed, yet productive environment. You will quickly feel comfortable calling us when advise or a change is needed. It is so much easier than sifting through a list of tasks on a web form. You can always reach your SmartLead account manager by email or phone if something comes up, if you have a question, or if you just need a constructive opinion.

In our industry, like many others, we’ve found that customer-centric companies offer fast reactivity. Our team members all work in the same building. If your system has an issue, your account manager is there to help, and is literally down the hall from the IT experts, call center managers or support staff if needed.

If you have a great idea for an update to your CRM, we’re just a phone call away to discuss it. If something goes haywire or if we make a mistake, we’ll fix it, and fix it quickly. It’s important to us to be able to support our clients when they need it most… even at 4:00pm on a Friday.