What makes a SmartLead Smart?


Dealer Sales-Reporting Increase


Reported Sales-Conversion Increase

The Client:

A hot tub manufacturer with 900 dealers in 57 countries.


The manufacturer uses SmartLead to capture, qualify, nurture and distribute leads that are generated from a variety of marketing vehicles.  All of these leads are captured through “Find a Dealer” Web pages created and hosted by SmartLead. Annually, more than 100,000 leads are distributed to the manufacturer’s 900 dealers.

SmartLead’s integrated nurturing platform provided multiple touches to the prospect including e-fulfillment and direct mail within 24 hours of the inquiry to drive prospects to the local dealer’s showroom.

The Challenge:

After SmartLead distributes qualified leads to the dealers there was little information returned to the manufacturer regarding the status from these leads. Were they sold? Did they buy a competitor?

The manufacturer wanted to close the loop by getting the dealers’ sales people to report their sales results.

The Solution:

SmartLead facilitated a Service Level Agreement, (SLA) between marketing and the independent channel. Under the SLA only properly qualified leads were distributed to the channel. In exchange, the sales person would promptly examine and then report on the sales progress through SmartLead.  SmartLead would scan and flag out of cycle leads without progress information.  Friendly reminders were sent.   If the situation required, a member of SmartLead’s Concierge team would contact the sales person to help update the record.  Dealer satisfaction increased, prospects were contacted promptly.  SmartLead provided the information the manufacturer needed.

The Results:

  • Dealer engagement increased by 122%. Over 83% of sales opportunities were properly updated with the current sales stage.
  • Reported sales conversion rates increased by 48% during the first 12
  • Based on the SmartLead‘s marketing effectiveness reports, the manufacturer was able to continuously improve their marketing campaigns.