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Re-engagement Programs

How do you interact with older prospects in your database?

Why use Re-engagement Programs?

Marketing qualified sales leads that are beyond the usual purchase cycle are your best new prospects. SmartLead will help you identify and re-qualify these leads, provide you with valuable intelligence, and put those that are qualified back into your sales funnel.

The result – additional sales for a fraction of what it takes to get a new sale.

Generate Sales Opportunities

Identify an average 15% additional sales opportunities


Identify Past Purchasers

Find purchasers that are not properly statused as Sold/Won in your database


Confirm Channel Engagement

Find channel partners who are not properly statusing their assigned leads

Receive Detailed Reporting

Collect priceless insights on your brand, consumers and trends in the industry

Contact Us! SmartLead Close the Loop on your Leads
Help your organization generate, qualify and ensure follow-up on your sales leads.