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Gated-Content Surveys

How do you qualify prospects after initial interaction?

Why use Gated-Content Surveys?

Attempting to collect all of the qualification information required to determine if a prospect is Sales-Qualified on one web form is difficult.  You may be missing out on potential prospects simply because they don’t want to complete all of the information right away.

Gated-Content Surveys eliminate the need to get all the info up-front.  Use a piece of content on your website to attract attention, and use a gated-content survey to collect bits of qualifying information slowly until the prospect is qualified.


Reduce Web Form Length

Lessen the size of your initial lead capture forms to attract more completes

Integrate into Email Marketing

Include gated-content surveys using calls-to-action in your email campaigns


Determine Buyer Motivation

Validate a prospect’s motivation to purchase and product of interest

Remove Required Info

Since the prospect’s contact info is already captured, there is no need to require it again

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