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Can your sales team see what leads are opening and clicking?


Why use EmailPLUS?

Make sending and tracking email activity easy with SmartLead’s EmailPLUS system.

Trace sends, opens, click-through links and bounces back to the original lead, and get the integrated reporting you require.  EmailPLUS operates in a best-in-class e-mail platform, so you can rest assured your emails will make it to your contact’s inbox.

Create Nurture Paths

Customize your messaging for different sets of leads based on a variety of details

Use Dynamic Contents

Display different content sections based on prospect product-of-interest, rank and more

Qualify Your Leads

Use integrated Gated-Content Surveys to collect additional qualifying information

Manage Your Campaigns

Track sends, opens and click-throughs using SmartLead Business Intelligence Dashboards

Contact Us! SmartLead Close the Loop on your Leads
Help your organization generate, qualify and ensure follow-up on your sales leads.